Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hello everyone! Welcome to my photoblog! I can't believe it- I'm starting my own stinkin' photoblog!
I'm starting this page so you all can see some of my work and get an idea for my photography style and taste. If you see something you like, give me a holler! And if you see something you don't like or could use some improvement, do the same!
If you REALLY like what you see and are interested in having a family, senior, children's, bridal, or engagement session with me, let me know and will see if we can work something out. It would help a lot if you are somewhere in the southwestern North Dakota, northwestern South Dakota, southwestern Montana, or even in the northwestern Wyoming areas.
And unless you really, REALLY like me, have complete confidence in me, and are very forgiving, I'm not offering my services for weddings at this time. However, I'm shooting my sister's wedding next month, so we will see how that goes and if I'm more confident about actually doing weddings on a semi-regular basis.
I hope you enjoy watching my journey from amateur to semi-professional photographer.

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