Friday, March 12, 2010

Gone and done it...

Yep, my readers, fellow photographers and bloggers. *gulp* I've done it. The unthinkable. The perhaps unforgivable. I've changed the name of my business. *gasp* Not that there was much of a business to begin with which is part of the reason I did it now, rather than later. But yeah, Regina Lynn Photography is now The Left-Brained Photographer. I just liked the new name idea too much to say "No." to it. It was too *me*. Too much of a clever (or not) oxymoron to resist it.
So, that said, yes, I'm moving my blog. To an official The Left-Brained Photographer blog. Blog for now, real actual site somewhere down the road. And yes, I have forsaken Blogspot. Sorry, Blogspot, Wordpress was just so inviting. So easy to use. Bigger pictures. Had the ability to not like a lowly blog and more like an actual site instead. Of course, that may be because I never learned to use Blogspot to it's full potential, but there's the thing- I don't have to learn too much to do great things with Wordpress. Sorry Blogspot. Sorry. Obviously, it wasn't you. It was me.
Ok, now that I'm finished waxing cheesy, here's the official URL:
I won't be shutting this site down right away, but I won't be posting anything new either. All the new stuff will be on the new site. So come on over and let me know what you think. Please tell me you like it and I'm not too nuts. Or tell me you hate it and you want my original (boring) name back.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Or perhaps?

Perhaps this one?
Haha, I know totally different name. But I was playing around with it and was like, "You know? That could actually work!" Nah, I don't know... Maybe someday down the road when I'm established and my business can afford a name change.

Logo ideas?

So this afternoon, I sat down and did some reworking and redesigning of my logo. My current logo is ok, but I just don't feel like it's "there" yet. Or maybe I'm just bored with it. Hmmm...
The first one is my current logo.

So? What do you all think? Any one in particular that stuck out to you? Maybe something needs to be tweaked a little? Perhaps a combination of the above ideas? Or am I totally out of whack here and have absolutely no eye for graphic design? Seriously, I want to know. I want some constructive criticism. And please don't tell me to just go with what I like best. There's so many options and different ways I could do it- all of which would look ok to me, but I have no idea how it would look to anyone else. Personally, I like #3 best. Don't know why, I just like it.
By the way, If you didn't find this blog by way of Facebook and have no idea that Regina Lynn Photography exists on Facebook, well yeah, I exist on Facebook, y'all! Check it out!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LOVE: Joel & Emeleene

This photo shoot is from almost a year ago. Joel, one of Hubby's two best bachelor buddies, and Emeleene, the sweet, sweet girl that he met on a blind date, were newly engaged and I had offered an engagement shoot as part of our wedding present. So we met up at this incredible old mill on a windy Saturday afternoon last spring. This old place is pretty special to Hubby and I- this was the location were we had a lot of our bridal party and couple pictures on our wedding day. Joel was one of Hubby's groomsman and was adamant about not going somewhere that "everybody else goes" to have their engagement pictures done. So when I mentioned "the old mill" (as the locals refer to it), Joel and Em were game. Funny thing is, since our wedding, and even since this shoot, I've noticed that "the old mill" has indeed become another place that seemingly everyone goes to for an amazing portrait location.
Wow! I look at these photos, I'm a bit ashamed. Not because the shots themselves are bad, but because I have learned so much about editing since then. So, so much. Looking at this session now I wish I could go back and re-edit them with all I know now. And maybe I will sometime. But, for right now, I'm gonna be, I don't know, honest I guess, a post them as is. Maybe sometime down the road, I'll post some re-edits.

This was such a fun shoot- I mean, come on, photo shoots with good friends as subjects are always a ton of fun! It doesn't take near as long or near as much effort to get them to loosen up and be themselves.

These two images with the old window frame are some of my favorite out of the 30 odd great pictures we got from the entire afternoon.

And this series of shots behind that neat old building have to be my other favorites. Guess I just have a thing for old buildings.

Aw, yeah, that was such a great afternoon. Joel and Em were married in July, 2009, right before our big move from east to west. We saw them while we were on vacation during January and they're still in so much love. It's so cool to see friends find someone great for them and get married, committing to a lifetime together! Oh yes, I am totally the crier at weddings- particularly the weddings of friends. Good grief, I've cried at weddings where my husband was the connection to the couple and I had never met them in my life!
But anyways, thank-you to those dear people who actually read my blog. After I wrote and posted my last post, I realized I did not have to say half the things I said because most people simply do not care about the intricacies of my psych. Forgive me and thanks for reading. *grin*