Thursday, February 4, 2010

LOVE: Jeremy & Ruth

So, yup, this is another vacation photo shoot. This time I got together with my friend and photography mentor, Esther, and we had our mutual friends, Jeremy and Ruth, as our model couple.
Hubby and I used to hang out with Jeremy and Ruth a lot before we were married. We had a lot of fun. Usually the most fun involved totally random things. Wal-Mart runs. MickeyDs. Spotting (which I, as a Michigan native, just don't get- what's the big deal about running around in the back of someone's pick-up after dark with a huge spotlight, looking for deer when, were I come from and, actually, where I currently live, you can see the dumb creatures pretty much anytime of the day or night?). Volleyball. Or just being totally bored and resigning ourselves to watching another movie. And once I ran over Jeremy's foot with my car. But that's another story for another time...
Back to our photo shoot. Jeremy and Ruth have been married a good year and half, but wanted some shots in their wedding clothes that they hadn't been able to do on their wedding day. So we did that. And after that, they changed their clothes and we did some more fun, more casual shots.

The sweet, sweet barn location where we were shooting.



Nice boots, girl!

Casual shots...


  1. Great job! The location looks really awesome. I love the barn and the blue contrast with the flowers.

  2. I love these!

    Thanks! I have a Canon Rebel XS. Looking to upgrade someday...probably not soon. The lens I was using on that eagle shot was a Tamron 70-300mm one. Inexpensive, but it gets the job done. :)

  3. Ohhh, I love number 17 and 18! Beautiful! And the barn is just plain awesome! The bouquet is so sweet too!

  4. @ Pink Elephant Photography- LOL! I'm glad you like the flowers- they were just a little bouquet we picked up at the grocery store just for the shoot!

  5. These are awesome! I agree, the location is so beautiful!

  6. Can you tell me if you photographed people with a certain religion? I have seen more of your photos with ladies and a cap. It made me curious.....

  7. Thanks for your lengthy answer!! Love it. I am fascinated with the Amish and Mennonites. I have Amish friends, they are very dear to me. I visit once a year and hope for a long visit this summer. I guessed as much seeing the caps and thus I asked. You can never tell me enough about it. Where are you located? You can mail me as well