Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lovely Women: 3 Kampens + 1 Rutt

While on vacation I took the opportunity to ask some friends and family if they would mind doing some "modeling" for me. Basically, I want the chance to shoot people I knew and felt comfortable. I wanted the practice. I wanted some sweet stuff for my portfolio. So one Sunday afternoon, my Aunt K, her daughters, K and E (my cousins, obviously), and our random friend A, took off for a local park. Of course this is a park that it seems everyone in the area, at sometime or another, have their portraits taken. But, oh well. Like I said, it was local. It was close. And it is the kind of place where you can shoot and shoot and still come out with different kinds of images every time.
So here's a few of my favorites! This was such a fun shoot. I mean, how could it not be with these awesomely fun ladies? We did a lot of laughing.

Mother-daughter shots.

Friend A. So pretty.

Cuz E. The perfect soberish model. Until she breaks out the sista 'tude. Downright outrageous!

More A. Love her and her completely calm gaze into the camera.

BFFs I think. Seriously, it's a riot when these two get together.

I know Aunt K is a little out of focus in this one, but for some reason, I like it.

And this. This, I'm pretty sure is one my absolute favorite shots out of the entire shoot. The soft light. The expression. So very Cuz K. Very demonstrative of her personality. A lot of sweetness with just enough of the "Bring it, girl!" attitude to mix it up.
Than-you ladies for giving me the chance to wield my camera at you! I hope you all were pleased with the results. And I promise. I will be sending discs. Soon.


  1. These are great :) Such a cute group of models!

  2. I especially love the shots of Cuz E. I swear she could be the younger sister of a friend of mine from college!

  3. thanks for reading my blog and saying hello! your photos are lovely. it's nice to know you!