Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Well, Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful and merry Christmas! I know we did, even down to the blizzard that shut down a major part of the Midwest. But then, I love snow and blizzards and white Christmases.
So we're finally dug out here and now I'll be able to post again. Actually, I lie. We've been dug out for a week now. And our internet was never down. I've just been plumb lazy over the Christmas break.
Of course, this being Baby G's first Christmas, we had so much fun! First gifts!
And we learned the futility of giving an almost-one-year-old more than one gift. Because once they're done opening that first gift, they want to play with the paper and the toy itself and they don't expect anything more. They really don't care to be interrupted to open yet another gift.
Case in point. G is perplexed and Hubby is gleeful.
Particularly because this is a man child's kind of toy. For he-man, tough little boys and their daddies.
Hubby and his gift- a nice multi tool. Oh, get this, between his parents and I we got him the multi tool, a set of bits and attachments for the multi tool, and a Mini Mag flashlight. All of which have their own little case that he can wear on his belt. And he does. He looks something like skinny Barney Fife and all the little cop cases he had on his belt. Hubby now carries the above on his belt, plus his ever-faithful-never-leave-his-side Vise Grip. Plus an extra pocketknife in his pocket. He gets teased about it, but he claims that he's been saved more than once from a field-to-shop run, simply to get a little thingeymabobber.
Our backyard toward the end of the blizzard.
Digging out on Sunday morning, the day after the blizzard ended.
Snowy, Main Street Christmas.
There were 4 huge piles of snow down through the length of Main Street, all the snow pushed together.

And, of course, I need to post something about my dear Baby G's birthday! Born a couple of days after Christmas '08, I have a feeling that Christmas seasons over the coming years will be lots and lots of fun! Obviously, I want to try and keep Christmas and birthday separate for G's sake, but he'll be lucky as there will be much more of a chance that we will be gathered with family over his birthday. Grandparents! Cousins! A bajillion aunts and uncles! Fun!
So here he is with his first birthday cupcake, doing it the way it's meant to be done.
Happy Birthday, Jesus! Happy Birthday, Baby G! Happy, happy, happy! Happy 2010!

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