Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Looking back on 50/50/50- and ahead too!

Yep, now that I've finished {FINISHED!} the 50/50/50 challenge I'll definitely be delving into some more of these kinds of projects (photo credited to The Pioneer Woman). Mmmmm! Chocolate!
And, of course, I'll be hanging out with my favorite guys in the world. This is G's first Christmas (he was born 3 days after Christmas last year) and I'm so excited! Even though I know he's too young to get what's going on or even to remember it, it just puts all those Christmas traditions in a whole new light.
And, maybe I'll even be doing more of this too!
I can seriously not believe that Christmas is 9 days away! Wooohooo! I'm hoping to have the Hubby home for the entire weekend, for once. Happy, happy!
And the day after Christmas, I'm making a trip to the mall to go shopping for some much needed clothes. Personally, the after-Christmas sales are the absolute best- even better than Black Friday. But that's my secret. Forget I said that. I don't want the mall to be totally jam packed while I'm there. I want all the sales to myself, thank-you very much! Yeah right, very funny.
As far as future photography plans go, around Day 25 of the 50/50/50, I remember saying something to the Hubby about taking the 365 challenge (1 photo, every day, for a year). He wisely (and because he knows me too well) suggested I finish the 50/50/50 challenge before I decide on anything new. Well, I've finished now and I'm pretty certain I won't be doing the 365. Maybe someday, but not in the year 2010.
But I am considering the 52 photowalk/drive challenge. 1 photowalk (or perhaps, photodrive, in my case), every week, for a year. I think that sounds a little more doable. Plus, what a great way to get exercise!
You may ask, "What's up with the sudden obsession with photography challenges? Why not just shoot?" Well, I like challenges because they force me to get out there and shoot, even when I don't feel like it. I learn new things, see things from a different angle and, overall, just helps my photography skills. Yeah, I know, I've got skills- you know like, nunchuk skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills... Sorry, couldn't resist the Napoleon Dynamite skills quote.
But, back to the point, photo challenges are just plain good for me and my camera. Eventually, when (if) I ever have my own photography business and have the regular challenge of shooting for other people, I don't think I'll need to set them for myself anymore. If that makes any sense.
I'll let you know. I'll be back here blogging in a little while, but for now, I'm going to take a few days off. A few days without touching my camera (maybe) and without trying to think up new blog posts. Maybe I'll be back before Christmas, maybe after, depending on if I manage to stay away from camera or not.
So, if I don't see you before then, have a very blessed and merry Christmas!

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