Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 45 (t-minus 5 days)

I think I could do a whole weeks worth of shots with just Christmas lights! They're so much fun and have so many possibilities! And look at the amazing bokeh they create in the background! Yep, fun, fun.
Today's shot is also the introduction of my new black backdrop,aka the black king size duvet set I scored on Amazon's Cyber Monday sale for $30, so yay me and yay that I finally have something I can use as a backdrop! Overall I'm pretty tickled with it. It does have one problem- it's extremely static-prone! Not sure what I'm gonna do about that- I don't really picture myself peeling kids off of it during a portrait shoot. Don't think their parents would be too impressed.
Anyone have any suggestions? Do I spray it with a little water or something?

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