Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 37

Love this shot. Love the sparkle in his eyes- just a glimpse of the wheels that are always turning in his little head.
Although, to look at this shot, I wonder if he has a bit of a lazy eye. I get the exact same result when I shoot Hubby as well- it's more pronounced when he's really tired. And come to think of it, quite a few of Hubby's sibs have the same thing- not anything noticeable when just looking at them, but freezing their faces in a head-on, or near head-on, shot seems to bring it out. Actually, 2 of Hubby's brothers had one eye crossed when they were born. They've since had surgery to correct it and it's not something you think about if you've known them for awhile. Hmmm... Yeah, sorry, excuse my rambling. I posted this picture and it was just something interesting that I happened to notice.
Ah, just one more thing G got from his daddy. Seriously, everything about that kid- milestones, size, personality, looks- so much just like his daddy. Or, at the very least, Hubby's side of the family. Like someone told me once after looking at a picture of Baby G: "Better luck next time!"
Haha, I guess we'll see!

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  1. I love this picture of your little guy, so cute !!!