Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 40

I didn't intend to take another shot of G and make it my 50 shot for the day, but the light was just too perfect. Love how it seems to make his blond hair glow! Yep, that's my kid- the little glowing angel! *chuckle, snort* Remind me of that the next time he gets into whatever it is he's not supposed to.
Actually, I was very blessed (spoiled) with a generally mild and easy-going baby. Until the 10 month mark, that is. Ever since then, it seems that his real personality is coming out of the woodwork. The little sinner (for that is what we all are, are we not?) is learning the fussing and whining gets attention, as well as whatever it is that was just pulled out of his reach. Uhuh. But, you know what? Like I mentioned, I'm spoiled. He's probably just your average kid now.
And look at this picture- angel, right? MMMMMMMMM! I'm gonna go squeeze him now, thank-you very much!

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