Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 47 (t-minus 3 days!)

You know, this challenge never made the stipulation that the photos had to overly artistic. Just that it be 50 shots taken on 50 consecutive days with a 50mm lens. So take that, 50/50/50 challenge!
Yes, I had aspirations for a cool photo shoot with my cinnamon rolls, but by the time the two batches of bread and the pan of rolls were baked, my light was gone and my kitchen was a disaster. I hate days like that. And I knew, procrastinator that I am, that if I stopped to shoot the rolls, my kitchen would very likely get a slam-bang, halfway done cleanup job. So I stuck with it and am rewarded this morning with a clean kitchen. Quite lovely!
But I hadn't forgotten about my shot, so I thought what better proof of my excuse then a photo of my hardworking (messy) kitchen?
So here you are- kinda artsy if you think about it. See the way the line of the counter draws the eye? The way the bag of flour is set just so?
Yeah, I didn't think so either.

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