Monday, December 14, 2009


Yep, this looks like a relatively boring shot, but I happen to think it's cool. See? Look closely- I used a new editing technique. Something I've never even attempted before- a texture. Tell me what you think. I, obviously, think it's pretty cool, but maybe that's just because it's something I actually got right the first time. This technique is definitely something I'll be playing around with again. They can really add something to a shot, particularly in the vintage/retro realm.
I know, this may have not been the best photo to use it on, but I think it works, so so. And this was *blush* the only thing I could come up with to shoot today. I kind of wanted to finish this challenge out with a bang, but, after some late nights and early mornings, my brain is so weary and incredibly low on creativity. So my bang will simply have to be the new use of textures, thank-you very much.
I'll blog more tomorrow about what I'll be doing now that I've finished (did you hear that? I FINISHED!) this challenge, but for now, good-night!


  1. well, I for one have enjoyed this daily glimpse into your life and thank you for the creative effort you have put into it and brightening days. You have talent and you underestimate yourself. Don't stop.

  2. rereading my comment I realized my last sentance (can two words be a sentance?) wasn't exactly clear. I didn't mean that you shouldn't stop underestimating yourself - ha! What I really meant to say is that I hope to continue to see frequent photos you have shot.