Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 43

I know- how cliche is this shot. Oh well, I love it. I love just because I'm childish and I love presents. Especially presents wrapped in pretty paper. Please ignore my Christmas wrapping paper that doesn't look like Christmas. It was Hallmark paper that I picked up for cheap at a discount store. And I love Hallmark wrapping paper for one reason- the graph/lines on the back of it. Yup, I'm so anal I can't stand paper that's been cut crooked or looks like it's been choppity-chopped. Those Hallmark lines fill my need for straight, orderly wrapping paper cuts.
But back to the whole wrapped presents thing. You will find that I very rarely throw a gift in a bag with some tissue paper. The only way that ever happens is if I am in an extreme hurry. I love the process of wrapping presents and the way they look afterwards. If I don't wrap gifts, I present them with some other creative adornments. Baskets, ribbons, pretty jars. When getting wedding gifts ready, I've been known to go out and buy ribbon that coordinates with the couple's wedding colors/theme. Never mind that idea hasn't followed me home and led me to buy coordinating Christmas wrapping paper. Yet. Maybe next year, After I've used up all the random stuff.
And the gifts in the picture? Yeah, I'm not finished with them yet. I need to tie some raffia around them and add some tags. The only reason I shot them before I was completely finished was because the light was fading very quickly. And I'd rather have decent looking presents and good light than totally awesome presents and no or artificial light.
Yes, giving and receiving gifts is one of my love languages and giving a gift that looks cool is more gratifying than receiving a gift. For me, to give is definitely more blessed than it is to receive. And I guess that's what Christmas is all about!

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