Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 39

My one and only Christmas candle. And it's almost all burned up. *sniff* And it's not even a Yankee candle! *sniff, sniff* Whatever will I do without a candle to last me the whole way to Christmas, much less the rest of the winter?! *hiccup, sniff* Sad, sad, sad...
Ok, I'm much better now, thank-you. I think anyway. Me. loves. candles. It's that simple. Especially during the winter and/or dreary, rainy days. Yes, I'm like most women- too many candles is a mathematical impossibility.
And no, I don't usually set my candles on newspaper. I just liked the way the light fell on it and the patterns and textures of the print.


  1. My favorite Christmas candle is Jack Frost (it's a Yankee candle.)I put it on my Christmas list,can't hardly wait!

  2. so out there in cold hick country, where is your nearest Ross or Marshall's? that's where I find my good soy candles cheap. and yeah, it looks cool on the newspaper! ;)