Friday, October 30, 2009

Post Office, how I love thee!

Check out what I got in the mail today! I am so excited to have my very own business cards!
I ordered from MOO and got the minicards. I know the minicards are totally not standard business card size, but they're so cute and, um, maybe the fact that they're NOT standard size is part of the reason I liked them. Plus, check out the adorable box they came in:

Now, I don't think I'm weird when I say that my opinion of almost anything small and miniature is "CUTE!" Yeah, so get ready for cute overload- or perhaps, the overuse of the word "cute."

*drooling* That bellyband is just so, well, cute!

And the little tiny letters that spell Kill me now!

The one thing I really, really loved about MOO and their cards was the double-sided printing. Meaning, room for a really cool, panoramic-type picture on the back! And look how tiny the cards are! Hopefully not too tiny to get lost in a purse or diaper bag (who am I kidding? Big ol' STANDARD size business cards disappear into the black hole that is my diaper bag!), but small enough, different enough to be attention-catching.

The front. Enough information to get people on this site and/or get in touch with me. Except, um, I forgot my e-mail address. Oh well, remember that for the next time, I guess. If I ever get the first 100 cards passed out and I actually have to order more, that is.
But, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I have my own business cards!
Let me know what you think! Would business cards like these catch YOUR eye?

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