Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 5

This was really special shoot today. My hubby and I's wedding rings. Well, and my bridal veil.
Our 2nd anniversary was a couple of weeks ago and this is what we decided to treat ourselves to. We didn't do anything (except go out to eat on a GIFT CARD!) for our 1st anniversary, and with harvest still going on, with no end in sight (not really, but it feels that way) and no chance to get away this year either, this is what we splurged on. If you wanna call it splurging- saving mega bucks by purchasing off of Amazon (mine) and Etsy (his) is not exactly my idea of splurging. But poor is as poor does.
And since we moved away from a church that doesn't believe in jewelry, not even wedding rings, and a part of the country with lots of similarly-believing churches (hence lots of married people walking around without wedding rings), to an area where people still glance at your left hand, especially if you're carrying a kid around, we took the plunge. And I'm glad we did- I love my ring and think it's so purty!


  1. i love this shot regina! i wish you lived closer so you could take some pictures for me!! & i, too, love my wedding ring. right now it still doesn't fit my finger (since the pregnancy) but i love what the rings represent. we have faith-hope-love engraved in our rings just like oma & opa did. (except they had it in german & we have it in 3 languages.)

  2. beautiful photo! love the clarity of it! you are becoming a pro!

  3. Btw love the subititle "Mama with the big camera"!