Monday, October 19, 2009

Yep, it's me...

Hello to all 6 of you who are following this blog... lol. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. There's been a lack of inspiration, photographer's block, if you will. Well, and I haven't had any real photo sessions to post either. But maybe I should work on this blog so people will see it, so maybe I'll actually be able to schedule some sessions. Maybe.
But I've also realized that I don't just have to post my "professional" photos. I have many, many scenery and landscape shots that, while I love them, don't get put up here simply because they're not "people" pictures. So be looking for more posts and pictures of, well, anything! Of course, I said something to the same effect on my personal blog and, well, yeah.
Here's some of the pictures from the little photo shoot I had with my son. I needed some new pictures to send to grandmas and other relatives and I think these should fit the bill!

This is one of my favorites.

He was just up from a nap and was a tad grumpy, so he got to play with my lens cap in exchange for staying in one place.

Hey, Mom! What are you doing over there?
Alternate caption: I can haz lenzcap?

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