Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 13

So sorry I didn't get my photo posted yesterday. My hubby only had to work a half day yesterday so I hung out with him all afternoon, rather than my MacBook. And then in the evening we were invited to our South African friends' place to play Monopoly. Oh, and to treat a foot which had just had a 4-inch nail pulled out of it. Yeah, that wasn't so pleasant, poor guy. Woulda maybe sent him to the ER, but he had a tetanus shot 3 months ago, so really what more could they really do?
And then we played Monopoly. Actually, it wasn't even standard Monopoly- it was Monopoly City. A lot like the old standard Monopoly but with some definite twists. And it involved batteries. What is it with all these old board and card games coming out with new, battery-operated versions? Seriously, I liked the old versions just fine-WITHOUT the beeping and blinking and whatever else. Wow! I just totally sounded like an old person there- scary! And I promise- I promise to you on my D80- that I am not that old! I'm not even approaching middle age! Just call me old-fashioned.
Anyways, so I am known as the Super.... well, um, mean, nasty female dog of Monopoly. Simply because I financially ruined my husband. In the game that it- not real life. I hope. But there is a difference people! A huge difference between Monopoly and real life. I just happen to very shrewd when it comes to Monopoly. No rent-forgiving just because you happen to be married to me. He still loves me, thank goodness. He even warmed up my side of the bed last night before I came to bed! *hugs and kisses* Love him!
I suppose I should add a note about the actual picture in this post, rather than just blogging about my Monopoly stardom.
It has been so beautiful all week here. I'm pretty sure this classifies as Indian Summer. Temps in the 50s and 60s. Lovely sunshine. Yesterday was no exception. I took hubby's lunch out to the farm (because he fordot it) and had to try to shoot the sky. The clouds were calling my name. The blueness contrasted against the white cottoney texture were just begging for me to try to capture their serenity and grandeur. Don't we serve an awesome Lord who created these things? All creation praises His name and I just want to join in!
But, you know what? It's another amazing day out there and I'm going to take Baby G to the park. It is the Sabbath after all. I would love to be in church, but with the hubs working and our chosen place of worship an hour's drive away, it just didn't happen today. So I'm gonna take G and my camera out and enjoy the weather. Then maybe we'll come home to G's Bible story book. And, maybe, by then hubby will be almost done working! Ok, nevermind. They're working cattle so I dream on...

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