Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 8

Yup, got some brand love here! I'm a Carhartt and jeans kind of girl. Sure, Carhartts run a little (or a lot, depending on your point of view) on the pricey side, but you won't find anything that puts up with as much wear and tear as long as they do.
I was totally (still am) psyched when I heard that they were starting up an outerwear line exclusively for women. You see, I have been blessed with the classic pear shape and, to get anything in the men's line that actually fit around my hips, I had to go for these HUGE things that were gigantic in the shoulders. So yeah, I was very happy to find that Carhartt's women's line has vastly improved on this dilemma. Actually, I must confess, this is the first year I've invested in a Carhartt coat simply because they fit much better- in years past, I refrained from purchasing a men's coat because I hated the fit.
And just to make this clear: Carhartt has never heard of me. And they're definitely not paying me to write up a glowing review for them. It's just that I like them THAT much.
Seriously, what kind of farm chick would I be if I didn't like Carhartt? Especially since my husband is a Carhartt-wearing man and, um, the Carhartts just amp up the sexy factor that much more. *drool* They have to rank right up there in the sex appeal column beside The Pioneer Woman's Wranglers and chaps.* Yup, umhmmmmm!

*No, I don't mean PW's actual Wranglers and chaps. I'm referring to her photos of Wranglers and chaps.

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