Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 30

Yes, I know this picture sucks. Believe me, I know! Yesterday was just one of those days. You know what I mean? Well even if you do and even is it was, there really is no excuse for this. I'm sorry. I just could not summon the creative mojo come up with anything to shoot. So I sat around, stewing for ideas, and ended up just subjecting my dinner to a hasty photo shoot. A photo shoot which did not yield very good results because I was tired and my mind was elsewhere. Again, I'm sorry. I'll do penance today by shooting anything and everything that moves. Well, maybe not quite, but I promise to do better anyways.
By the way, even though my creativity in the photography realm was not up to parr yesterday, my cooking was. Actually, no, this was just an insanely easy recipe that turned out oh so good. You can find it here, on PW's Tasty Kitchen site. Lots and lots of yummy recipes there- many of them with amazing food pictures to accompany them. Head on over there is you can't figure out what to make for supper. Or lunch. Or breakfast. Hey, if I can't give you a great photo, at least I can help you out with some great food ideas! Right?

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