Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 29

This is not a pile of wheat as it may look like from here. No, it's dry corn. Ground dry corn, to be exact. I was, of course, out at the farm with my hubby this afternoon.
The sun was setting, a brisk breeze was blowing, there was the scent of John Deere tractor exhaust, and corn dust in the air. And that brisk breeze was freezing. But it was wonderful! In that kind of setting, I feel so very, very alive. And. I. love. it. No other way to explain it. I guess the need for the rawness of nature and the love for almost anything farming-related is something God hardwired into me. Because, whatever I do, there's not much I can do to squelch it. That's just what I love and who I am.
Although, I'm not too sure my hands are very fond of the freezing part. I am now unofficially on the lookout for a pair of leather driving gloves so I can continue to shoot through the winter. Or, dare I hope? Is there any chance there's such a thing as photographer's gloves? Or maybe I should go for a pair of gangster fingerless gloves? Whatever I find, they must have two functions: a) to keep my hands warm (duh!) and b) allow my fingers enough sensitivity to feel and and operate my camera controls. And no, I don't think my snowmobile gloves will fit the bill. Too bad for cheap me.

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