Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 20

It is 11:58 p.m. and I will add a real post tomorrow. Good night!
*Edit* This shot is from our weekly Monopoly game that we play on Saturday nights. Pardon me, Monopoly City. If you haven't played it, it's basically the same as the old Monopoly, just with some added details. And a little beeper thing that is totally unneeded.
Of course, I didn't win. I think, with my 5 little properties, 2 of which were mortgaged, and practically no money by the time we decided to wrap it, yeah, I was the loser. But next time. Next time...
Have any of you ever played one of those games of Monopoly that lasts for days? I think that would be fun. I've never played a real, full, complete game of Monopoly so I've always wondered if I could have, perhaps, pulled myself out of the hole and won the thing. I've never come out on top at Monopoly either, by the way.
But next week... next week! Yeah, I'm gonna be the one raking in millions in rent and making everyone else go to the bank to mortgage their properties. Have I mentioned that I'm the banker every single time? Yeah, maybe that has something to do with my lack of Monopoly victory.
But probably not.

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  1. Sharp pic with brilliant color...very original I must add!